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Wellness and Personal Growth

These articles are for any reader interested in enhancing personal growth and well-being.

Turning Your Unhealthy Relationships Around

  REVERSING UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS It seems to me that most Americans have one or more people somewhere in their family or friends that they just can’t get along with.  The way it feels is like, “I just don’t feel comfortable around them.  I can’t be myself.  They make me feel and act crazy, so I prefer to avoid them.” To create and maintain healthy relationships with our friends and family …Read More

Help for Financial Disorders

  STRUGGLING WITH MONEY AND WORK DISORDERS: HOARDING, GAMBLING, UNDER-EARNING, BINGE-SHOPPING, AND WORKAHOLICS   by Dr. Paul Schmidt   Forty years ago, some research I was doing proved that people with upper-upper income levels tend to live their lives in some ways very much like people with lower-lower incomes.  Both groups were preoccupied with money and work issues, and these hang-ups kept both groups from having close, comfortable relationships. With the …Read More

Managing Chronic Pain

MANAGING CHRONIC PAIN:  STOCKING YOUR TOOL BOX For the first time in my life last winter, I let pain whip me.  I panicked in an ER that wasn’t diagnosing or treating me.  I fought the pain and in my own eyes, made a big baby out of myself.  All that energy I put into pushing against what I couldn’t control (the pain and the ER) went right into the pain.  …Read More

Defiance of Medical Compliance

ARE YOU IN DEFIANCE OF MEDICAL COMPLIANCE?   Has your doctor told you that you are making yourself sick, that your pain or disability will continue to get worse until you change your lifestyle?  Perhaps you have had trouble complying with doctor’s orders about alcohol, cigarettes, street drugs, prescription pills, physical therapy, losing weight, getting exercise, eating a balanced diet, or changing your high-stress lifestyle. If you read the rest …Read More

Marijuana: Is it Doing me more Harm than Good?

Marijuana: Thoughts on its Use, Abuse, and Legalization by Paul Schmidt, Ph.D.   I have never really had a position or opinion on marijuana, and in recent weeks I have grown weary of this ignorance.  To prepare my thoughts on this subject, I have done three things.  First, I have obtained professional training as a certified addictions specialist from the International Institute for Addiction and Trauma Professionals.  Secondly I have …Read More

How to Quit Smoking

HOW TO QUIT SMOKING  Wise people have had lots of trouble with nicotine.  Mark Twain said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I ought to know.  I’ve done it a hundred times.” Sigmund Freud died of a cancerous jaw caused by smoking cigars.  He was clearly aware of how his smoking caused and aggravated his condition, but he was unable to control his …Read More

Emotional Intelligence: How is Yours?

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE:   How does Yours Stack up? Like mental intelligence, emotional intelligence is a combination between inborn giftedness (temperament) and learned abilities (acquired skill sets). It is easier to learn if we didn’t inherit an extreme emotional disposition, and if we have had healthy role models, or chosen them for ourselves. The theory and research do not provide a single clear picture for what emotional intelligence is, but I …Read More

Ten Great Christmas Gifts in your Budget

TEN GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS IN YOUR BUDGET   There’s one contagious infection we’re all trying to catch this year—the Christmas Spirit. If you do catch it, be careful you don’t lose it in all the rush to find, buy, decorate, and deliver the kind of presents you wrap. Too many of those gifts can wrap us up, tight as the drummer boy’s drum. Sure, they help the national economy, and …Read More

Psychology 101

PSYCHOLOGY 101: MAKING SENSE OF MOTIVATION   Ever wonder why two brothers or sisters turn out to be so different from each other? What drives some people to love so strong, or work or play so hard? What makes your personality the way it is? The view of human nature you will find below does not come from any psychology book. It comes instead out of my own experience, and …Read More


  HOW GOOD ARE YOUR PERSONAL BOUNDARIES?   The food, drink and pills you take in through your mouth determine more than anything else how healthy your body is. Likewise the beliefs, expectations and responsibilities you take in through your relationships mostly determine the health of your heart, mind and soul. Your happiness depends even more upon your soul diet than your physical diet, and the key to health is …Read More