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November 2014

Recovering from Trauma and Abuse

Can People Recover from Trauma and Abuse?              It is with both pride and embarrassment that America has become known as a victims’ society.  We can be proud that we prosecute perpetrators of rape, domestic violence, and child abuse at least as severely as most developed nations.  But we should be ashamed that these punishments have not deterred perpetrators as effectively as they have been …Read More

Guidelines for Resolving Marital Conflicts

GROUND RULES FOR SETTLING MARITAL CONFLICTS   These are not my guidelines.  They are the ones most frequently presented in the many books I have read to help couples work through their disagreements and misunderstandings.  They are also the ones I have been taught in my training, and the ones I have seen to work best in my office.   I invite couples to print this out, make a copy …Read More