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August 2015

Seven Lessons about Relationships from Mother Nature

Seven Lessons about Relationships from Mother Nature             We are fortunate to live in an agrarian community, particularly in Kentucky where the crops and foliage all around us go through four such gloriously distinct seasons. Some of the things we see in the natural world around us teach us a lot about living things that we can’t see, such as relationships. Different kinds of relationships have characteristics unique to them. …Read More

Are You Growing in Balance?

Are you Growing in Balance? By Dr. Paul Schmidt   Just as inability for sick Americans to find safe and affordable health care has created a crisis in our society, ignorance among single adults about how to find safe and affordable relationships has created a crisis for them.   They are suffering through relationships that make themselves and others sick. A major part of the ignorance is that people don’t see …Read More

How Do You Respond to Anger? Good and Bad Ways found in the Bible

  USING ANGER TO MAKE OR SOLVE CONFLICT by Dr. Paul Schmidt   Resentment vs. Peacemaking   Anger is the normal human response to injustice.  When faced with hurt, it guides and motivates our efforts to correct an unfair situation. When justice is seen through the eyes of divine love and mercy, the anger is God’s, and it is a powerful force influencing others.  When the focus of our hurt …Read More