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January 2016

How to Avoid both Emotional Infidelity and Irrational Jealousy

  EMOTIONAL INFIDELITY vs. EXCESSIVE JEALOUSY             Of all the columns I’ve written, this is the one I’ve had the most requests to send out.  Now because of social media, the following is a much longer version of the column I first wrote years ago.  Though it will talk about marriage, it is also meant for those in long-term committed love relationships.             The opportunity to have a healthy friendship …Read More

PHASES of Recovery for Sex Addicts, their Wives & Marriages

The most important things to understand about the outlines below are: The phases need to be experienced in order, as each requires things learned in earlier stages.  None of these phases can be completed without ongoing guidance and support from others. The marriage cannot recover unless both parties and the marriage itself go through each of these phases. PHASES OF A SEX ADDICT’S RECOVERY # Phase of Journey Primary    Need …Read More