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March 2016

Neutralizing Emotional Bullies

    NEUTRALIZING EMOTIONAL BULLIES               When you think of a bully, most people think first of physical intimidation. But as adults, we more often encounter emotional bullies. These people figure out what kind of emotional scenes we can’t tolerate, and then dramatically produce or threaten these very scenes. They do this to manipulate us, into meeting their needs, for dominance, entertainment, revenge, or most often, just for the …Read More

Before You Divorce, Try This

  BEFORE GIVING UP ON A BAD MARRIAGE . . .             I have helped people create a peaceful divorce once they decide to go that way, but I have never advised anyone to get a divorce. One reason is that the heartache it cures is seldom as great as the heartache it creates, especially when dependent children are involved. The other reason is that God may have joined the …Read More