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February 2017

Love’s New Rituals

  Love’s New Rituals Long ago in a faraway place called 20th century America, when lovers would get serious about their relationship, they would usually announce to the world that they were “going steady” (or, “going together”), and then if all went well, that they were engaged to marry, ideally even to “enter holy matrimony” with a church wedding.  There God would not only be asked to join them together, …Read More

Four Seasons of a Love Relationship

The Four Seasons of Love Before Marriage  Another post here shows how love relationships work a lot like other living things—children, pets and houseplants. Like fruit trees, they grow through the cycle of seasons, and the time before marriage seems to me a cycle of four seasons. A problem in most relationships is that the partners are in two different seasons of readiness for love.  A good future for such couples …Read More

Emotional Intelligence: How is Yours?

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE:   How does Yours Stack up? Like mental intelligence, emotional intelligence is a combination between inborn giftedness (temperament) and learned abilities (acquired skill sets). It is easier to learn if we didn’t inherit an extreme emotional disposition, and if we have had healthy role models, or chosen them for ourselves. The theory and research do not provide a single clear picture for what emotional intelligence is, but I …Read More