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March 2018

Diagnosing and Understanding Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Assessment   Marie Wilson, MA and Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D., CAS The following are some of the extreme examples we see today that exemplify the insanity of sexual addiction: A woman uses a vibrator so intensely she burns herself and has to go to the emergency room. A priest has a thousand-dollar-a-week prostitution habit. His only way to support the habit is to steal from the parish he …Read More

2nd Full Disclosure (Step 9 Amends)

 2nd Full Disclosure (Step 9 Amends) Christian Sex Addicts and their Spouses:  Giving and Receiving Disclosure in Grace and Truth   Grace and truth are both contagious, and they need each other.  Our communications in marriage should show (and thus inspire) love, respect, and understanding toward BOTH spouse and self:  love your neighbor as yourself.  Disclosing sexual betrayal and sin goes better when both spouses first read this article, and …Read More

Sublimate Your Sex Drive, Don’t Suffocate It

SUBLIMATION Sublimate your Sex Drive, Don’t Suffocate It One of the few times Freud was in agreement with his Victorian culture was when he taught the usefulness of sublimating the sex drive before marriage.  (His biographies all suggest he had to work hard at practicing what he preached on this score.)  The word sublimate comes from the same root words as sublime.  It suggests lifting something up over the threshold …Read More

Managing Chronic Pain

MANAGING CHRONIC PAIN:  STOCKING YOUR TOOL BOX For the first time in my life last winter, I let pain whip me.  I panicked in an ER that wasn’t diagnosing or treating me.  I fought the pain and in my own eyes, made a big baby out of myself.  All that energy I put into pushing against what I couldn’t control (the pain and the ER) went right into the pain.  …Read More

Defiance of Medical Compliance

ARE YOU IN DEFIANCE OF MEDICAL COMPLIANCE?   Has your doctor told you that you are making yourself sick, that your pain or disability will continue to get worse until you change your lifestyle?  Perhaps you have had trouble complying with doctor’s orders about alcohol, cigarettes, street drugs, prescription pills, physical therapy, losing weight, getting exercise, eating a balanced diet, or changing your high-stress lifestyle. If you read the rest …Read More

Marijuana: Is it Doing me more Harm than Good?

Marijuana: Thoughts on its Use, Abuse, and Legalization by Paul Schmidt, Ph.D.   I have never really had a position or opinion on marijuana, and in recent weeks I have grown weary of this ignorance.  To prepare my thoughts on this subject, I have done three things.  First, I have obtained professional training as a certified addictions specialist from the International Institute for Addiction and Trauma Professionals.  Secondly I have …Read More

How to Quit Smoking

HOW TO QUIT SMOKING  Wise people have had lots of trouble with nicotine.  Mark Twain said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I ought to know.  I’ve done it a hundred times.” Sigmund Freud died of a cancerous jaw caused by smoking cigars.  He was clearly aware of how his smoking caused and aggravated his condition, but he was unable to control his …Read More