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June 2019

Communities and Wisdom Streams

MY FIVE COMMUNITIES AND WISDOM STREAMS  Christian faith and biblical wisdom — I continue as anI continue as an active elder and teacher in the Presbyterian church in which I was raised as a fifth generation member.   I have taught at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spent 30 years as a teacher and elder in the Disciples Christ tradition, remained active in a home-based couples Bible study group since …Read More

What Might Healthy Drinking Look Like?

  ARE THERE HEALTHY WAYS TO DRINK ALCOHOL?   Researchers keep finding that those whose alcohol consumption is one glass of red wine most days, and only that, have a longer lifespan due to fewer heart problems.  I find that interesting. I wonder if it’s the little bit of wine that helps the heart, or maybe something else, or maybe both.  I imagine the people who can drink that way …Read More