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March 2020

Types of Virtual Groups and When They Meet

Purposes, Format, and Schedules Coping with Coronavirus Changes  (Re-ordering our Lives) Tuesday mornings 10:15 – 11:30 This is called a process group, a place where men and women can process their issues related to the changes recently brought into their lives by the Coronavirus.  All participants set goals for themselves, and share them with the group, so they can get help from me and often each other, to work through …Read More

Overwhelmed with Problems right now?

A TOOL KIT FOR SOLVING LIFE’S PROBLEMS   The Chinese written language is marvelously colorful.  Their words are illustrated by little sketches or diagrams.  The Chinese character for danger is a sketch of a scary scene, and their word for opportunity is naturally a more hopeful drawing.  When these two characters are put on top of one another, it is the Chinese word for crisis, or turning point.  It means …Read More