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Books & Publications

Schmidt, Paul F., Coping with Difficult People, Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1980. Book on relating to people who have personality disorders.

Schmidt, Paul F., Growing Your Love Life, Charleston, SC: Booksurge, 2007. Subtitled, “Vital Balance in Single Adult Relationships”, book is available on Amazon.com. *See below

Schmidt, Paul F., The Character Assessment Scale. Copyrighted test materials and manual published by the Institute of Character Assessment, l981. Presented also to the 1981 annual convention of the American Psychological Association , and sold in over a dozen countries.

Schmidt, Paul F. Sex: Is it an Addiction? Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 2006. An educational pamphlet about sexual addiction.

Schmidt, Paul F., Five journal articles, researching moral values, self-esteem, and ethics

Schmidt, Paul F., over a dozen solo presentations to national, regional, and state professional conferences, on the 3 subjects above plus single adult relationships, addiction to computer pornography, and the Character Assessment Scale.

GrowingYourLoveLifeIn July 2007, a book I have written for single adults was published by BookSurge in Charleston, SC. Booksurge sells this book directly and through its parent company, Amazon.com. More information on this project:

Growing Your Love Life: Building Healthy Single Adult Relationships

Only a person who’s recently dated after being divorced or widowed can speak straight to the gut of the single adult reader. The gospel is presented here for the first time in the frank language of previously married adults out together on a Saturday night. The author speaks from his personal experience dating several women first as a young man, and then again after his divorce, which confirmed the practical value of these ideas in real life. Moreover, as a psychologist, he brings a complementary professional authority, from listening to the stories of fifteen hundred single adults he has worked with, and thousands more married people looking back with some regret on their courtship. He also teaches from his own international research, and cites the work of over a hundred other secular and religious scholars. Underneath all these personal and professional authorities, he founds his insights on the solid rock of biblical truth.

The book’s central metaphor, its underlying assumption, and its main lesson are all new. The principal picture of romantic relationships compares them to fruit-bearing plants growing in careful ecological balance through their various seasons. The primary idea is that the flesh (ego) can be inspired to become not so much at war with the spirit as delighting in it, as the flesh is designed to reach its full liveliness only in balance with the spirit’s leadership. And the book’s main idea is good news indeed: it shows for the single again, physical affection can grow gradually throughout courtship when it is pegged to the couple’s growing levels of commitment and personal disclosure, so that all three progress in tandem, and reach a new high together on the wedding day.

Book Talks

I travel to speak in churches about this new approach to dating. Below is some highlight information about the manuscript, and the content of the talks I will be giving. . . .

What is the book’s message?

The central metaphor and main idea are fresh, that love relationships are living creations inspired by God, and that their commitment, personal disclosure, and physical affection grow optimally in careful balance with each other. Unlike other books, it shows how expressing physical affection in this new way, without inhibiting or indulging it, helps not only to save sexual intercourse for marriage, but also to enhance it.

To whom is the book written?

The target audience is single adults interested in romantic relationships.

What else is new here?

My approach has been field-tested in my counseling of 1500 singles, my research with 800 people throughout North America, and my own dating experiences as a divorcee. The project and author stand between conservative and liberal approaches previously taken in books for single adults.

No previous book has been so friendly to both traditional values for premarital abstinence and the reader’s desire to enjoy life and preserve romance. My approach to physical affection builds self-control, and harmonizes Christian authors previously disagreeing on the subject. Its new techniques for harnessing the sex drive do so by enhancing the sense of freedom and fulfillment.

What topics can you speak about?

I can speak about single adult relationships, or a variety of other topics. A complete list of speaker topics can be found here.

As today’s single adults yearn for freedom and self-fulfillment yet struggle to honor the conservative wisdom of their elders, this book and author bring a new message of practical hope for those in love, and those still thinking about it.