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Family and Parenting

Teaching Youth About Right and Wrong (Part 2)

Last time I gave seven ways to challenge young people in your family to think along moral lines when planning their lives (see Part 1). To review, there are good times to use either: Punishment or Reward (pain or pleasure), Promotional or Emotional Consequences, Prophecy or Parable, Lecture or Modeling, Teaching consideration of self or Others, Protecting the child or also the Child’s relationships, and Teaching discipline or Self-discipline. (If you missed this, email …Read More

Stephanie & Paul, April 2007

We come together and treat each other in a spirit of love, joy and peace, to support the missions of each individual family, to celebrate our similarities and our differences, to work through our misunderstandings, to help each other out, and to enjoy making memories together.

−Stephanie & Paul, April 2007


PROTECTING YOUR CHILD FROM SEXUAL ABUSE I hate for people to live in bondage of any kind, especially to be held hostage by fear. If you’re a parent of an elementary school child and you watch the TV news, you’re probably needing some relief from the fear that somebody will abuse your child sexually. I noticed unusual courage, wisdom, and resolve in one parent interviewed recently on TV about child …Read More

Online Addictions and Electronic Attachments in Children

Online Addictions in Young People: How it Starts, and How it Stops   I recently attended a training conference in Arizona which dealt in large measure with online addictions. Anyone who cares enough to learn what causes and cures them needs to know that they typically begin in childhood. I am writing three columns to explain what is happening to more and of our young people, and to help parents …Read More

Grandparents are Huge Assets

Last fall we mourned the passing of my mother, Betsy Hanna Schmidt (she’d insist, “Mrs. Craig Schmidt”).  On what would have been her 85th birthday this month, 20 family and friends gathered to celebrate her life.  I was amazed at how her life seemed to have impacted her grandchildren as much as us children.  I see now that spending time with grandparents brings certain very special gifts if we look for them. 1.  A new gear.   If you …Read More

Family Missions and Rules

Steven Covey’s best-selling book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People made a great case for individuals and families to draw up mission statements. He suggested the mission be timeless (ongoing), and that the statement include both the means and ends (the hows and whys) for the mission. Different families have different top priorities. I’ve seen families that were dedicated to such goals as staying together, getting educated, making money, respecting family elders, …Read More

Family Mission Statements

From Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People/Families: Examples: 1. To teach ourselves to get a good education and become financially responsible, we will treat misbehavior and crises as learning opportunities. 2. To stick together always, we will be loyal to each other and the family, making sure those we bring into the family don’t divide it. 3. To show respect to older family members, all children will be taught …Read More

Family Meetings

Now and then in the life of every family, parents need to call a family meeting. Some common purposes include solving a problem, making a decision, planning family outings or activities, or understanding and getting along with a rebelling family member. Some families hold meetings once a week, but regular meetings work better once a month or every other week to keep them special. Others are held whenever the need …Read More

Do’s and Don’ts for Stepparents

Until five years ago, I never thought I’d ever create a stepfamily, but now I have. Turns out, I’m just going with the national flow. Even the staunchest defender of the traditional nuclear family, Focus on the Family, states that within two years, there will be more blended families in the US than any other form of family. I have learned some things from reading and from doing (both right …Read More