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Growing Younger on the Inside

GROWING YOUNGER ON THE INSIDE AS YOUR BODY AGES ON THE OUTSIDE At seventy-two, I am less and less interested in the exterior of people’s lives – what their bodies, clothes, houses, vacations, or social media images look like.  I pay more attention now to how their eyes twinkle, how their voice dances, how their laugh breaks out across a room, whether both children and adults enjoy their company.  When …Read More

Communities and Wisdom Streams

MY FIVE COMMUNITIES AND WISDOM STREAMS 1.  Christian faith and biblical wisdom — I have enjoyed 35 years in two local congregations, the Disciples of Christ into which I maried, and the Presbyterian church in which I was raised as a fifth generation member.   I served both as a teacher, elder, pulpit search committee member, and chairmain of the Personnel committee.  I have taught at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, …Read More