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Permission to Treat


Paul F. Schmidt, Ph.D.




            I understand that unless you can be assured I will protect the confidentiality of what you tell me, I could not expect you to open up to me very fully your thoughts, feelings and history. I will very much need you to share these in order to help you reach your goals in counseling. The only times I will reveal to anyone else what you have told me, even the fact that you have come see me, is when law requires me to:

  • If you sign a release directing me to do so;
  • If a judge or court order requires me to;
  • If I am told that a child or an adult has been abused or neglected without it being reported; or
  • If you tell me you pose a serious threat for physically harming yourself or others.

General Office Practices

             Scheduling: Your sessions are scheduled with me directly, for 55 minutes unless we agree otherwise. Except for health or safety, cancellations need to be the day before to avoid the late cancel charge of $80, unless it’s for sickness or weather.

            Phone calls: There is no charge for most phone calls, but you will get more out of them if you have decided before calling what is bothering you, and what you want me to do about it for you. Generally calls for guidance and support will last 5 to 15 minutes, and anything that needs more time is billed at $35 per quarter hour, or else addressed in the office.

            Emergencies: When I am not immediately available by phone, please leave a message on my cellphone, 502 633 2860. If your need is more urgent, and you can’t reach me soon enough on my cell phone, you will need to call your physician, or the Seven Counties crisis and information line, 800 221 0446, or the Bluegrass Comp Care crisis and information line, 800 928 8000.

 Fees and Insurance

             My fees are the same for individuals, couples or families, $160 per hour, and start between 7:30 and 4:45. If you think you will want to file insurance, you will need to call your insurance company or managed care organization to get preauthorization for sessions. If you want useful information on how to discuss coverage and payment with your insurance company, see my website below, under the left tab for “Insurance” on the home page. I will provide statements to be filed by you as often as you wish, and if you want me to file for you, I’ll do that on a monthly basis. To learn why I don’t do managed care, see the tab for “Managed Care.”

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