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A Suicide Prevention Letter You Can Write

The following article is offered in an effort to prevent someone’s suicide: If someone you know is talking about helplessness or suicide, you would do well to write them a letter.  And if it’s you, write yourself a letter, and ask someone else to write you one too, saying something along these lines: “Please keep this letter in your (wallet or purse), so that you can read it if you ever …Read More

Suicide: Too Proud to Tell the Truth, Too Lazy to Do the Work

The following article is offered in an effort to prevent someone’s suicide: There’s a man I have admired and wanted to meet for some time.  He has helped lots of my clients, he’s written a book, and he has had widespread exposure in the media.  He’s in my field, and takes a very similar approach to his work and (I thought) his personal life.  Last week he killed himself. Also last week, I …Read More

When to Take (and Not to Take) Antidepressants

A recent study found that about  one woman in three who went to a doctor’s office walked out with a prescription for an antidepressant, most without even a follow-up appointment to see how it would work. Today some 11% of American women and 5% of men are taking antidepressant medication. The main reason these meds are so popular is that they work really well.  They resolve one of the causes of depression …Read More

How to Get Depressed

You can feed your depression these body-building nutrients, or you can starve it to death.  Can you see how self-defeating and avoidable these behaviors and attitudes are?  1.  Shame:  Hurt somebody, and don’t ask them or God for forgiveness.  Don’t make amends either, or learn from it–just forget about it.  That way you can’t forgive yourself either. 2.  Resentment:  Expressing anger is the normal human response to injustice.  Hold it inside so it can turn its energy against …Read More

Recognizing and Treating Depression

How can a person tell if she is clinically depressed or just down? Depression is the most common mental/emotional disorder, costing American business untold billions of dollars in productivity each year.  That’s because most depressed people go to work anyway, and only 1/3 seek treatment, and because most folks believe they can and should bring themselves out of a blue funk without any outside help.  But that’s wrong, oh so wrong. The …Read More