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The Traditional

Assessment of Wellness

(An outline of the test’s major scales)

Acting vs. Wellness                LIFE               Working for Wellness     

          Sickening Attitudes,      RESOURCES            Healthy Attitudes,    

                   Lifestyles                                                         Lifestyles             

______________________________________________________________________________     Issues of IDENTITY:  Confusion vs. Character

1.  Denial, Cheating, Lying,        TRUTH      1.  Honesty, Discernment, Foolishness, Ignorance                                    Wisdom, Curiosity, Integrity        2.  Fear, Insecurity, Worry,      SECURITY   2.  Faith, Calm, Hope, Peace,                                Panic, Doubt, Anxiety                                       Confidence, Courage, Focus        3.  Selfish Pride, Prejudice,     RESPECT     3.  Humility, Sense of humor, Rebellion, Self-absorbed                                  Friendliness, Good Listener

______________________________________________________________________________     Issues of RELATIONSHIP:  Conquering vs. Connecting

4.  Envy, Idolizing, Jealousy,     CARING      4.  Compassion, Love, Giving, Infatuation, Possessiveness                            Helping, Warmth, Kindness                                    5.  Resentment, Divisiveness,  ANGER       5.  Peacemaking, Forgiveness,                     Hate, Violence, Gossip, Slander                     Gentleness, Patience, Grace                            6.  Lust, Sex abuse/addiction,      SEX          6.  Sexual Integrity, Sex with Pornography, Extramarital Sex                     Romance, with Marital Fidelity

______________________________________________________________________________     Issues of CONTRIBUTION:  Consuming vs. Creating

7.  Greed, Materialism, Too    MONEY        7.  Resourcefulness,  Generosity, busy, environmental abuse                            Simplicity, Saving for later.          8.  Laziness, Apathy, Screen    TIME/          8.  Enthusiasm, Sparkle, Energy, Addiction, Passivity                 ENERGY        Joy,  Optimism, Charisma.             9.  Gluttony, Chemical abuse,  BODY/         9.  Physical fitness, Self-control,               Eating disorders, Smoking     HEALTH        Moderation or Sobriety

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