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Wisdom for the 8 TAW Issues from the Bible, Psychology, and Common Sense



Denial vs. Honesty      


He who has clean hands and a pure heart … and is not deceitful          Psalms 24: 3-5  

Know the truth about yourself and God will set you free                        John 8: 31-32      

Confessing our faults brings forgiveness and cleansing                           I John 1: 8-9

THE 9th COMMANDMENT  Don’t bear false witness Ex 20:16 (or gossip: Ex 23:1)  


        Ps 5:6; Ps 55: 21,23;  Rev 21: 8, 27  (Warning: these verses are scary!)

Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead for lying to God  Acts 5: 1-11

THE DYNAMICS OF DECEITFULNESS . . . the damage is like a spreading cancer.

The following points are taken from Proverbs 26: 18-28 and Jeremiah 9: 3-9

The most frequent images are of spreading fire, and an arrow shot to kill.

(See also James 3: 2-8, where the tongue is described vividly.)

Sarcasm intended to hurt is hidden behind humor:  “Wasn’t I just joking?”

People who hear false rumors or accusations spread these lies throughout the land.

People can develop an appetite for juicy gossip, so that they have to be fed lies on a regular basis.

(Psalm 62: 4 is about “delighting in lies”, 2Tim 4:3-5 is about “itching ears”)

Lies come back to haunt you:  people don’t trust you anymore, lie to you for revenge.

Finally you begin to believe your own lies.  You fool others, and their reactions fool you into gradually believing that

your false front is the real you.  (see also 2 Tim 3:13)

You lose touch with your need for God:  Through deceit they refuse to know me  Jer 9:6

If that’s not bad enough, God can return the favor:  see Jer 9:9, Rom 1:25-28

Satan is closely linked with lying:  Matt 27:63 and John 8:33

FLATTERY  is just another form of deceit.  It’s listed with wickedness.

Flatterers have the same motive as faultfinders (using people to make themselves feel better) Ps 12: 2,3  Jude 16

RELIGIOUS HYPOCRISY  can be an excuse to avoid church.  Jesus’ two best images of the Pharisees are

the cup cleaned only on the outside, and whitewashed tombs   Matt 23:25-28

COVERING UP ANGER   is a very common reason for lying, justified with the excuse:

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”   Read Eph 4: 25-27