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Office Locations during Covid-19

Starting 11/13/20, until further notice, to protect my clients and family from Covid-19, I’m doing all my sessions remotely, through phone and videoconferencing. I’ll return to seeing people in my office as soon as it’s safe. 




For safety and inspiration, we can now use OFFICES OUTDOORS.  During Covid sheltering at home, many people have come to discover as I have the soothing recreational powers of naturally quiet settings.  It has also kept me safely away from infection.  I have lived in a wooded hilltop retreat for twenty years, and no one else was in my home for two months.  Now, I am sharing that retreat for the first time with my clients.

I offer two outdoor offices, one in Louisville and the other east of Shelbyville at the free-standing office behind my home.  At these outdoor offices, we can keep a distance of 8-10 feet. In respect I wear a mask with any clients who come wearing one.  However, my clients will not have to wear masks, see or speak with anyone else, sign in to a register, or touch anything with their hands.  Both my outdoor offices have cushy seats with shelter from sun, wind, and rain.  Looking out from the office buildings that we are using for privacy and shelter, both decks are almost completely free from the sight and sound of any other people, or anything else manmade.

At my Louisville office at 2429 Bush Ridge Drive, clients park as before in the lot outside, and now will text me when they arrive.  When I text back that all is ready, they walk around the building to the right side, following a sidewalk to meet me waiting on our private deck in the rear, the last and biggest patio, at the far back left of the building.  We can talk there, or in my office inside. There too I keep a distance of 8-10 feet, and we must wear masks at all times.

Looking out from my office


Walking up to the back deck

My outdoor home office

halfway between Louisville and Lexington

is for established clients who are male, and for married couples.  Feel free to call and ask me more about it.  Sessions can be for 90 minutes, to include an extra free half hour to sit outside or roam the grounds, before, during, or after the session.  This free-standing office is 50 feet from the back door of my home. We will sit around on its back deck, or during rain, on the front porch, or the screen porch of my home.  100 yards away is what we call the point, with nothing man-made but a clear view in three directions of the horizon 50 miles out.  Clients will not see or meet my wife, and at end of our time, I will escort them back down to the locked gate over a half mile down the hill.  More about Jeptha Knob can be found on its Wikipedia page.

Video invitation to my outdoor home office
Home office in spring, 50 feet from my woodland house
Back deck of home office, in the treetops in June
The walk to the point
View from the point



At 2429 Bush Ridge Drive, Louisville, 40245

Inside my 2429 Bush Ridge office:

We can sit ten feet apart here, and wear masks.


Work with Me from your Home

With God together, we can find and make good things coming out of this bad situation. . . . 

Counseling by telephone has long been used to supplement psychotherapy in the office.  When distance, mobility, health, or transportation is an issue, teletherapy is a practical alternative to working together in person.  Until now, professional ethics have restricted this “teletherapy” to clients who have previously had at least one face-to-face session in the counselor’s office.  Exceptions are now being made for new clients, to prevent spread of the Coronavirus.  Insurance sometimes pays for this form of service.  We arrange for my payment in advance, through credit card, HSA, or Venmo.

I have reduced the amount I charge for a scheduled telephone consultation, to $120 per hour.  The first call to me is free, and I’ll give a listening ear, then insights and suggestions, for up to a half hour.  For those who prefer it, I am set up to do video calls at no extra charge, using FaceTime, Skype, or the extra secure, encrypted, password-protected platform I have purchased for Zoom meetings.  Take advantage of teletherapy to save time, money, and save your health.

Meanwhile, why not get healthier while you wait for the world to stop going crazy?    Check out my resources here on this website for anxiety, depression, marriage, parentingwellness, and problem-solving.  And while you’re not learning, why not enjoy the best things in life that are free (and right under your nose at home)?  And if you learn better through your ears than your eyes, or wish to multi-task while you’re walking or working out, these things are also taught in my podcast.

And one more thing you can do during this trying time:   check in on others, especially others less fortunate and well than you might be.  If you share what you are learning with them, you will remember it better, live by it easier, and you may get an accountability partner here:  one plus one like-minded souls equals three, check it and see!  If they seem bummed out, send them this article, and when they get to the end, maybe they’ll check out this website, and maybe call me themselves.  Their first phone call with me is free, and it will enable them to see if they feel maybe I could help them.  It’s easy, they can call my cell, (502) 633-2860.  I’m staying well by staying mostly at home for the time being, so now might be a good time to call.  And remember, with God together, we can find and make good things coming out of this bad situation.